Copyright © KAISER STUDIO Inc. 2014 Clothing: Select clothing that you feel comfortable in. Iron and bring clothes on a hanger.  Bring shoes, socks and accessories.     *Solid, bright colors work better than bold patterns and stripes.     *Sleeveless tops draw attention to your arms and may make them look larger than they are.     *It is best to avoid plunging necklines. Hair: Cut or color your hair at least a week in advance, so it looks natural.  It is not a good idea to try a new hairstyle for your pictures. Make-up: Wear make-up that looks natural for you. Match your foundation to your skin tone. Make sure to accent your eyes and lips. Shaving: It is best to shave right before your sitting.  We cannot retouch a 5 o’clock shadow, but we can retouch nicks and scratches. Glasses: If you wear glasses most of the time, take the lenses out or borrow a pair of lenseless frames for your sitting.  Glass glare can be difficult and expensive to retouch. Braces: YES, braces can be removed with enhanced retouching. So smile! Jewelry: Jewelry adds a nice touch if you are comfortable in it.  Nails: Make sure your nails are nicely groomed.  Your hands will show in many of your pictures. Click here to return to the Senior Home Page Here are a few tips for your Senior Portrait Session: 1825 Birchwood Drive •  Troy, MI 48083  • Phone (248) 619-9119  • Fax (248) 619-9143 • Email